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Sonic vs Knuckles Part 1 by Aerobian-Angel

what can I say brilliant it's not very original since the vs has been done to death but you changed the battles :) Its truly amazing so ...



Rise of The Flames- A prologue to KOE.

Not too long ago in the lands of Equalidor; the central kingdom the pride of Equalidor was under siege.
It’s founding family had reached their last heir, a son of the recently deceased king his name was..

Ailbeart took the throne at a young age, after his father had begun to succumb to a mysterious illness, there was rumors that one of the king's own offspring was responsible.
Ailbeart lived up to his name not only was he of noble blood, but he was a bright young dragon who tried to right his families wrongs; however there was a lot riding on him. He alone held the key for returning his family away from extinction.

But the weight of ruling a kingdom soon became too much and once Ailbeart’s father passed away; fear and paranoia nearly destroyed the kingdom he had clawed back from extinction.

Distraught Ailbeart’s ailing mother Ailson, a dragoness who was raised under the old ways, sought to help her son and restore her family's title and former glory in the only way, she knew how…
Find her son a wife before he destroyed the kingdom her and her husband of 1,000 years had ruled over.

The dragoness they chose, Ailbeart had no control over. Ailbeart would have preferred to marry for love instead of duty, however he knew that his mother would never agree to that and so did his duty, while the search went on.

Ailbeart’s future wife was found on an island off the coast of the sea kingdom, Zuya.
A beautiful striped dragoness of noble descent and the last of her line. Just reached the correct age of “dragonhood” that Ailson had been searching for. Too young to be taken seriously but the perfect age for…
Well it doesn’t take a genius to work out.

The dragoness was taken to the central kingdom and introduced to Ailbeart as Kasrna a name meaning beautiful melody and to the Ailbeart at least the dragoness lived up to it.
But much to Kasarna’s dismay, Ailbeart’s mother set the record stark and clear this was not a loving relationship and if Ailson had anything to say about it; never would be.

Perhaps this is what drove Kasarna to search for comfort in this foreign environment, anywhere she could. The dragoness befriended the castle staff and stall owners that visited during the great markets and was over -joyed when the merchants came and she was able to recount stories of her home.
She did whatever she could to distract herself from the glaring reality she was entering a loveless relationship.

But these dragon’s alone were not able to heal Kasarna’s broken heart, or quell her loneliness until a dragon named Forge came into her life.

Forge was not a well known dragon, nor did he seem to come from anywhere special, nor was he well bred; he seemed insignificant in the eyes of Ailbeart and Ailson. However to Kasarna he was an enigma, a dragon whose role was to aid in the protection of the king and all he stood for.

Forge was merely a blacksmith, it was a lowly job and Forge was hardly the dragon a future queen should converse with, let alone befriend.

Yet despite their titles and different classes, Forge and the future queen grew close.
Forge told Kasarna stories from his youth and of the adventures he had experienced.
Kasarna was able to reminisce about her home, without the all seeing eye of Ailson watching her every move.

The king was unaware that love was building between his future queen and the blacksmith, he anointed Forge the title of a knight. Forge and Ailbeart became good friends and Forge became someone Ailbeart often brought with him on matters of state as Forge was one for giving valuable advice that Ailbeart could not survive without.

When the kingdom was engaged in a fierce battle, aiding the original keepers, the stone dragons and Weylyn the Wolf Dragon in keeping a mysterious force at bay.
Ailbeart knew he could trust only one dragon with protecting his kingdom’s greatest treasure and that was Forge.

As the battle raged Kasarna became more and more apprehensive and afraid of what could happen, if the stone dragons failed. Forge was able to reassure Kasarna, that no matter what happened she would be safe.

Kasarn was unable to hide her feelings any longer and despite Forge knowing he had a duty to his king and his kingdom and trying to resist. He knew how he felt.
This was love.

In one night of love and passion, Ailbeart’s queen the beautiful melody that was Kasarna, went against her king and broke her oath of blood that she would bare the blood of her king and her king alone; as was the tradition in the ceremonies of old that Ailson and her husband had inforced long ago.

But with Forge’s help Kasarna was able to break her chains, she was free once more thanks to the loving guidance of her beloved blacksmith.

As time wore on, it became obvious to Ailbeart and Forge that Kasarna was pregnant, Ailbeart knew the hatchling would not be his, but he understood that Forge and Kasrana were in love and although it hurt a year later; Kasarna and Ailbeart welcomed a son to the world.  

The hatchling was born with stripes like his mother and a soft fur which seemed ignited from within. Kasarna was overjoyed and named her son, for the flames that seemed to course through his veins.
For the first two years the boy of Ash and Flame, lived a happy life and Kasarna was able to visit Forge at leisure.

But one day Forge disappeared, there were signs of a scuffle and a splattering of blood. Ailson was far from sympathetic and as the years rolled by Ailbeart came to the conclusion that Ailson had, had Forge murdered.

The loss of Forge ripped Kasarna in half and despite Ailbeart’s attempts to hide his sons true parentage; Ailson grew more and more suspicious.

One day Ailson’s greatest fear came true, she had always disliked the son that Kasarna had produced. The hatchling acted nothing like his father, the dragon was brash and had little to no interest in his royal duties. Ailbeart had been very keen to learn from a young age; it was odd to Ailson that her grandson was not.

Things came to a head on the hatchlings eighth birthday, in where he was able to conjure a blue flame, this is a sacred flame and no dragon there present of Ailbeart’s or Kasarna’s family could produce a blue flame.

Ailson was engulfed in rage, she wanted the queen and the bastard hatchling to be executed; she had always despised Kasarna and the hatchling and now she had cause to hate.
Ailbeart pleaded with his mother for mercy; when she refused Ailbeart performed a deed he would never discuss and take to his grave.
The next day Ailson was dead and Ailbeart was able to save his wife but not his son…

In accordance to his kingdom's traditions a bastard was either executed or became a servant of the kingdom. Ailbeart softened the punishment by ensuring that only he could be the father of Kasarna’s offspring and produce the heir to his throne. Ailbeart never forgave himself for what he had done to fulfill the laws of the ancient times.

As for his son, Ailbeart sent him to become the apprentice of the new blacksmith, the blue flame proved invaluable and allowed the hatchling to excel at his new post.
And in his sixteenth year the dragon took over as the sole blacksmith, for his father’s kingdom.

Now eighteen the dragon although hateful towards his father, cares and advises his little brother now preparing to take the throne as Ailbeart’s health fades.

The dragon doesn’t know it, but everything is about to change when an ancient enemy returns.

The bastard son of a blacksmith and a queen.
Will rise from the ashes ablaze and protect the flame’s of Equalidor…

The End.
Rise of Flames
A prologue from my graphic novel. And also just a standard novel series keepers of Equalidor. This story is entirely my own and I love that I am now in a position to share it with you all. 

Please do not take this without permission. 
I don't have a lot of good news. I am back here on for the time being. Sadly do not have a computer that actually works for art. I even brought a new tablet and can't use it.

On a personal note, this page will soon be (hopefully) bombarded by a very special horse. I have yet to meet him but I am hoping that the "Edge" he had made me feel will be there with him too. 

Will be posting a couple of short stories, to do with my graphic novel series so hopefully that should keep you all entertained. And keep me from loosing my sanity. 
  • Listening to: My songs know what you did in the dark
  • Reading: All the character sheets I've done
  • Watching: Dinosaur documentaries to get ideas
  • Playing: ASSIGNMENTS
  • Eating: Cocoa Pops
  • Drinking: Cocoa Pops liquid breakfast
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